The Arbour Club

Outreach Project, National Gallery

This exhibition shows some of the work produced in the National Gallery’s Arbour Club Programme which brings together young people from two separate groups from the Ocean Estate, Tower Hamlets – Third Base and The Ocean Women’s Association.

The participants worked with contemporary artists and were encouraged to make their own response to the National Gallery collection. They then produced their own creative pieces of work in practical, artist-led workshops.

One group used gilding techniques to create their own cassone (chest). They also produced large scale printed banners and their cultural heritage is evident in the finished works.

The other group developed drawings with mediums that have a luminous quality such as inks washed over masking fluid. They also created delicate and playful sculptures using wire armatures and wax.

Above all, it was the enthusiasm of both groups and the rapport which developed between them and the Gallery staff which made this cross- cultural exchange so successful.