Caroline is a regular lecturer at JW3 and is a member of the Programme Advisory Group.

JW3 is the only Jewish Community Centre of its kind in the UK; a vibrant, cross-communal hub for Jewish arts, culture, family programming, social action, and learning and much more, where everyone is welcome.

CMA has given a range of talks at JW3 including:

Rembrandt and the Rabbi

Discover more about the artist Rembrandt and the Jews of Amsterdam. Find out more about his connection to his neighbour, the Rabbi, who was an influence in the readmission of the Jews to England in 1657, and possibly influenced Rembrandt’ artistic interpretation in his painting Belshazzar’s Feast, 1635.

Two Sides to every Story

Unlock hidden stories and decide which side you’re on. Was England’s Nelson a national hero or nautical failure? France’s Madame de Pompadour an enlightenment politician or whore? The Dutch tulip an exquisite rarity or a deathly reminder? A Netherlands market a cornucopia of plenty or a symbol of political unrest?

Press & Pandemics – Every Picture tells a (fake news) story

Every Picture tells a Story. But not all is what it seems. We’ll take a closer look at some famous paintings, revealing their hidden stories and discuss the relevance of plague broadsheets to today’s pandemic.

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